• Smartest Bottle for Life

    Safer drinking water - Cleaner environment

  • Your Baby Future is Brighter...

    Make your baby bottle safer and food 3x faster

  • Convert to Coffee Cup

    Keep your beverage cold or hot on the go

  • Medicine Dispenser

    Convenient to carry your medicine on the go

  • Blo Wireless Speaker

    Play your tunes and take calls with Invisible Blo

Invisible: The World's Smartest Bottle for Life.

Invisible Bottle’s mission is to make drinking water safer and keep our environment cleaner. Part of that mission is to design the best cutting edge products to give consumers a personal experience through our innovations.

We brought art and fashion sensibility into this technology that turns a bottle into something cool for everyone.

We hope you join us to bring Invisible Bottle to you!

Invisible Safety Bottle

A stylish cool bottle that puts your safety first

We believe passionately in the importance of clean water to human health and to the health of our planet. We designed well-made, stylish and affordable products that are essentially more sustainable than single-use products that quickly end up in landfills.

Invisible Bottle is a safe product, free from lead and toxin. Drinking from Eco-friendly products is safer, that’s why we make all our products with health-safe materials such as Biodegradable materials, BPA Free plastic and food-grade 18/8 stainless steel.

Invisible Safety Bottle

Safe and Sustainable

When we began working on the Invisible bottle, we considered every element that defines a multi-functional bottle- design, convenience, precision, storage, weather proof, spill proof, and functionality.

We challenged ourselves to find the best, most forward-looking way possible to engineer each part of the bottle. When we put it all together, the result was something entirely innovative, something entirely new, something radically different from anything before it, and more importantly, something that provides an extremely powerful solution against the status quo."