Invisible the world's smartest bottle for life

We brought art and fashion sensibility into our design technology that turns a bottle into something cool for anyone. Invisible Bottleā€™s mission is to make drinking water safer, keep our environment cleaner and drinking from bottle fun.

How it Works

All in One Bottle for busy people

Stylish, transformable and convenient to carry around. Convertable for multiple use.

For Baby Meal and Busy Mom

Expedite your baby feeding 3 times faster during mealtime while at home or on the go.

Bluetooth Speaker and Phone Call

Enjoy music, keep your hands phone free with the Bluetooth Blo Wireless Speaker.

Upgrade your Bottle to Invisible Bottle Today!

Here you have some reasons to take action now...
  • Makes tap water safer without the cost or waste of bottled water.
  • Transforms into a reusable baby bottle, coffee cup and sports bottle.
  • Convenient to carry your medicine on the go.
  • Weather proof, spill proof and easy to wash.
  • Keep beverages and drinks cold for up to 12 hours

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