Life Takes More Than Water
  • It's a New Day
    and a New Way to Enjoy Your Coffee
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  • Feed Your Baby 3X Faster
    And Meals Ready On-The-Go!
  • Invisible Wireless Speaker
    Bring the concert live to you!
    Reduce - Reuse - Recycle
  • Calls and Music Sound Live
    Enjoy wireless music and calls compatible with iPhone/Android phones
  • Invisible Bottle
    Packs the punch

Invisible Bottle

World's smartest bottle for life.

Maximizing the way you hydrate through a combined process of single multifunctional reusable bottle that fits into any lifestyle to save TIME, and MONEY all while reducing on WASTE.


From home to the office, coffee and tea stay steaming hot and fresh throughout the day. Only the Invisible can transform from work to exercise all-in-one.


The sport's top was design for everyday use and can be ideal for any high performance environment at the gym, biking, hiking, yoga and more.


Great for preparing your infants formula to-go and easy to feed your baby 3X faster. You can also have your medication always on-the-go.


Turn up the perfect mix with an ultra-portable speaker that fits in the Invisible or take a call on the go with its built-in speakerphone.

Our Story

Our Story

Our story started with a search for a sustainable bottle that can do something more…way beyond just drinking water…and is all about you.

Frustrated with the amount of waste resulting from plastic and paper products, in addition to the lack of functionality of reusable bottles in the marketplace, designer and inventor Kevin Peterson came up with the idea of designing a multifunctional sustainable bottle that would be radically different from anything before it. Kevin’s strong technology and business development background along with his entrepreneurial experience could not have prepared him more for all that went into designing and producing such an innovative product.

“Our mission is to design the smartest bottle that can be repurposed in multiple ways, to sustainable and environment friendly, and healthy for anyone.”

Our Mission

We believe life takes more than water...


We designed the world's smartest single reusable bottle that fits into any lifestyle, for babies as well as the young and the old.

We can change the way products are made to give consumers more, starting with a single all-in-one bottle. Together, we’re reinventing the supply chain, and redefining manufacturing through a sustainable process to improve the environment and the economy where products are been made – one step at a time.

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Durable 100%
Recycle 100%
Replacable 100%
Reusable 100%
Baby Bottle 100%
Sipping Cup 100%
Coffee Cup/Mug 100%
Fitness 100%
Music 100%
Sustainable 100%

Life Takes More Than Water


Tracy McGrady
7-Time NBA All-Star

Shout-out to Invisible Bottle for helping me get through my tough workout daily. All through my NBA career I have never used a bottle that has so many functions all-in-one, it cut through the hurdles with me at the gym cooling up or playing my favorite jams during practice. “It’s a must-have-bottle for anyone and athletes everywhere” –Tracy McGrady

  • How Invisible

    Imagine Everything in One Bottle

    When we envisioned the new Invisible, we thought about a seamless and extraordinary multifunctional bottle. But, it’s nearly impossible to make a bottle that is so versatile without sacrificing features or performance. We could have taken the easy way out and designed something more reasonable and less remarkable. But, we didn’t.

    For the past two years, we’ve been driving technology way beyond boundaries to invent the perfect product and create the infrastructure for an entirely NEW BOTTLE that can fit into any lifestyle. If there was anything you imagine doing without a bottle, we left nothing behind. The result is INVISIBLE: The world’s smartest bottle for life.

Work and Fun

enjoy coffee and music in one spot

Use one Invisible Bottle to change the world...